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issue with the hardware sizing


I am checking the BOBI support tool of my environment, and I get the following SystemAlert:

"Unable to detect physical memory value from Hardware Analysis!"

However, when I check als Xmx parameters, I see that the total value is 26Gb, and we have 32 Gb of memory in the server.

Why am I getting this system alert?

I did update to the latest version 2.0.8. I already got the message in version 2.0.7. I did put the files operations.d in the correct directory of the saplocalhost agent.

Can help me?

Kind regards,


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1 Answer

  • Oct 18, 2017 at 03:24 PM

    Hi Janek,

    I believe the error you mentioned "Unable to detect physical memory value from Hardware Analysis!" can occur when the SAP Host Agent is unable to determine the amount of memory visible to the OS. The system alert you saw this in should be the 'Total Max Heap Size exceeds Physical Memory' alert. This alert uses values from both the Hardware Analysis report as well as the Server & Services report. The purpose of the alert is to fetch all of the -Xmx values for the java based BI servers (per host) and compare this value to the total RAM as seen by the OS. We fetch the value for physical RAM in the Hardware Analysis and we fetch the -Xmx values in the Server and Services report. If the total XMX value adds up to more than the OS value, you will see this alert:

    [TotalRAM= <physical RAM on the host> or 0.0GB if we can't detect it>

    APS heap: <combined xmx value>

    Explorer heap: <combined xmx value>

    Dashboard heap: <combined xmx value>

    CR4E heap: <combined xmx value>


    * error message

    I think in your case, the physical ram isn't being returned to the host agent. And in this situation, we set physical RAM to 0 as a precautionary measure which will force trigger the alert since 0 < total xmx. Regarding the alert, since you know its a false positive, you can ignore it for now. The real issue is that the SAP Host Agent isn't detecting the physical RAM from the OS.

    If you'd like to email me the full report along with the logs, I can take a closer look at why this happened. In the next v2.1 release, I've added an option to disable certain system alerts for situations like this in the user preferences.


    Joshua Kuhn (

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