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Nov 14, 2007 at 10:45 AM

Problems in Image Field in Interactive Forms



I have an Application where I need to display the Employee's Photo in the Interactive PDF form in Portal.

I am able to display it by using the <b>Image Field</b> UI Element in the Form Designer.

Using some scripting <i><b>(language:-> FormCalc)</b></i> that dynamically sets the URL as per the data, being sent from the Back-end.

<i><b>this.value.image.href =PDFSource.#subform[0].Subform1.ImageField1.formattedValue;</b></i>

But when I click on the Image Field area in the generated PDF form, I am getting a Browse option, using which I am able to change the uploaded photo.

Is there any way that I can stop this (browsing option) from happening.

Thanking in Advance

Poojith M V