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Nov 14, 2007 at 03:09 AM

Cannot access properties and methods from the satellite system


Hello all,

I configured 'System Monitoring' for one of our production environments in CEN. Everything happens the way it should be except couple things.

1. I am not receiving email alerts for autoreaction methods (say for AbortedJobs or Instance availability)

2. In DSWP (solution_manager), under 'System Monitoring' under the monitoring graphic, I see the alerts for Instance Availability and Aborted Jobs. It also shows the jobs that are failed. But, when I go to 'Operation Setup' --> 'SAP Application Server' --> 'Performance Alerts of the instance' --> 'Enq., Gtw., Upd. and Bgrd. Alerts of the instance' --> Double click 'Aborted Jobs' on the right side, it takes me to the satellite system 'Monitoring: Properties and Methods: 'R3BPServerSpecAbortedJobs'. From here once I hit the back arrow, it takes me back to the CEN but, this time, I see an error message at the bottom that the properties '<SID>\<INSTANCE>\R3Services\Background\AbortedJobs cannot be accessed &3'. This is the same for 'ResponseTime', 'InstanceStatus', 'DialogErrors', etc.

I have a feeling that even though the alerts are showing correctly in CEN, the above errors could stop the auto reaction from sending the alert email. And for your information, I have configured the same in Development and Test environments and they seem to work fine.

Can someone help me out on this?

Thank you.