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Doubts to implement Ownership and Rates model for RTC

Oct 04, 2017 at 02:42 PM


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Hi everyone!

I am currently working in a project for S/4 HANA 1610 SP02 implementing RTC and I have some doubts:

1- Does someone have information to create Rates and Ownership model?

2- When I create an infoprovider and a key figure (CPMB) for Ownership and Rates model, they need to be mapped to an attribute, do someone knows where can I find the attributes?

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Lucas Costa Oct 04, 2017 at 07:42 PM

For rates (if you're using BPC CT) and Ownership cubes the necessary fields are similar to what you'd have in standard. But in this case both need to be Real-time info cubes or aDSOs.

I wouldn't use /CPMB/ objects at all as most of them are deprecated in your version. Ideally you'd use the /ERP/ with a few Z ones when necessary. Most of the /ERP/ are virtual info objects, which mean your master data comes from FI and they already provide most of the properties you require in consolidation (These properties are maintained in the RTC Extension Master Data).

For ownership: Group, Entity, Intercompany, Category and Time dimension I used standard /ERP/. Had to create a custom info object for the Ownership account to be maintained in BPC (POWN, PCON, PCTRL...)

The key figure needs to be Custom for all cubes assigned to BPC - follow this doc:

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Hi Lucas,

As you say we need to create Ownership Account which is O_ACCOUNT and for rates is R_ACCOUNT and also Rates Entity which is R_entity, are they the Z ones that you mention? Because they are required but don´t appear as /ERP/. My question is, what are the attributes name that need to be mapped to those InfoObjects if they just appear as /CPMB/?

Is the same Key Figure (RTC_AMO) for the 3 infocubes?



You're correct in your assumptions. Custom info object for Ownership and Rates account and entity rates as well. For these, you can maintain MD in BPC Admin. The attributes will need to be custom as well, for example, Ownership account requires a property IS_INPUT, so I created a ZRTCISINP. And assigned that attribute to a BPC property when defining the BPC model...

You can use same KF in all.

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Thanks Lucas, your answer was really helpful,