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Nov 13, 2007 at 08:40 PM

WD4A - Selection screen default values loading



We are developing one new report using WD4A and that report has a huge logic and big selection screen with 86 fields. Along with it, we do have to simulate the Selection Screen Variant Operation(Create/Display/Change/Delete Variants).

Since the number of fields being high, we decided to use a RSPARAMS Table(Context element with 0-n cardinality) to store in the entire selection screen values.

We were able to capture the values of Selection screen into this Context variable using one generic code, without using any specific field name.

But now I am stuck with repopulating the Sel Screen fields with the Context Variables. Like I have the Sel Screen data in the Context and when I trying to set the values of each field dynamically, I get an error/dump since the HIGH/LOW field types changes dynamically based on the field type.

So I was wondering if any one have faced a similar problem ? What could be the solution ? Or atleast it would be great, if someone could provide a snippet of code that sets the default values of the 4 fields of selection screen.

Hope Am clear.


<i><b>Raja Sekhar</b></i>