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Nov 13, 2007 at 07:20 PM

Account assignment question (for subcontracting item category)



Is it possible to have a account assignment category with a consumption posting indicator V work with a subcontracting item category L?

Our scenario is that a SD item category TAB auto generates a Subcontracting PO with account assignment M and item category L.

The problem with account assignment M is that it references sales order, and does not propose BOM component material/quantity, like a standalone subcontracting movement (541 reference to PO)

We want to issue components to the subcontractor referencing a PO, and maintain visibility thru ME2O (Which account assignment M wont allow).

Is this possible ?

I tried tweaking the account assignment category M by changing the consumption posting indicator to V.

This allowed me to do the subcontracting issue 541 movement referencing a PO.

However, I got 2 accounting errors at MIGO.

No direct postings possible to G/L account 03-010

I then changed the FS00 settings to allow direct postings, but got the next error and was stuck. I guess if these accounts are postable, my problem is solved but I don’t know how to do that!

Acct. 03-010 for trans./event key BSX, postable directly

If anyone is knowledgeable on account assignments or knows how I can solve these, I would greatly appreciate your input.