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Nov 13, 2007 at 03:57 PM

Defaulting Trip Schema in ESS Create Expense Report


ESS bus package 1.0 Enterprise Portal 7 ERP2004s

I am trying to default the Trip schema in ESS Create expense report.

In it advises that in the Webdynpro (

) this can be done with a parameter:

<i> In Customizing for the homepage framework, assign the new trip schema to the new service. You do this in the step Define Resources under Attributes of Resource. Enter the following URL parameter for accessing the new trip schema: sap.xss.tra.TripSchema=<key of the new schema>. Example: sap.xss.tra.TripSchema=04.</i>

I have extended the parameter of the resource 'EMPLOYEE_TRAVEL_EXPENSES_SRV05' to sap.xss.tra.TripSchema=S1&refreshmenu=true but the trip schema is still a drop down in the application that needs to be selected. Even adding the parameter sap.xss.tra.TripSchema=S1 to the iview parameter directly does not seem to work.

Is this a SAP bug? Any help greatly appreciated.