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Nov 13, 2007 at 01:03 PM

Table Pagination Overflow



I have a problem with pagination and table.

I have 2 pages:

- PageFirst which is only displayed once.

On the master page, there is some header data.

And there is a content area: CAFirst

Then I have a second page PageMain which can be called multiple times.

-Some header data on the master side (different from the one on PageFirst)

and a content area CAMain.

There is a body.

In the bodyI have a table (SD Invoice items).

What I'm trying to do and I can't is:

The table need to be displayed in the content areas.

If the table is short enough then I have only one page (FirstPage) only.

If the table can't fit into the CAFirst only then the begining of it is displayed in CAFirst and all the rest in CAMain.

I thought, at the table level (or a subform above) I should have on the Pagination tab:

Place: In content Area CAFirst

After: Continue Filling Parent (I have some subforms after the table that need to be displayed after the end of the table)

And Overflow : In Content Area CAMain

On the preview tab, things look ok, but when I run the template with SAP it's not good at all.

Thanks for your help.

Matthieu Lefeuvre.