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Oct 03, 2017 at 03:54 PM

=> Cannot insert NULL or UPDATE to NULL


Hello Everyone,

The question has been asked before but didn't find any conclusive answer to the issue. Will explain the situation i was in and any solution should help me greatly. More then solution, im looking for the reason for the error and why this error is coming in the first place.

We are loading data into ADSO from HANA View ( HANA View -> Composite provider -> ADSO) this has been fine. However, we have a procedure which loads the delta data from HANA View into a custom table on HANA DB and from Custom Table, we load DELTA data into ADSO for any new/changed data. (Custom HANA Table -> Composite Provider -> ADSO) Now, the issue is coming when we load data from the Custom HANA Table only.

'Cannot Insert NULL or update to NULL'
'SQL Error with code '287'


1 - Why these errors are coming when we are loading data from HANA Custom Table?
2 - On HANA Custom Table, we have a field called 'NOT NULL', how can we utilize that
field to avoid these errors ? Can we give any initial value so that it can be overwritten
by the value coming from source? and in case if it is NULL from source, then this initial
value will take care to avoid this situation?

Please explain some with the above concepts, thanks a lot and im sure your solution should help other like me going forward,




hana-table.jpg (43.8 kB)