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Nov 12, 2007 at 10:38 PM

Table height creates problems


Hi Friends,

Need your help to sort out the below problem.

I am facing a very peculiar situation . I am printing the item data using sorting concept. I have defined 5 line types for the table. The data should be coming as below.


1245/80003536/20/10/2007 these 4 lines are defined as single line type.

IO Reference : 123ref

Contractor: Ramu</b>

Header Text standard text

40 40002362 1 CS 11.50 22.50 2rd line type

MC Reference material 3rd line type

Item 40 standard text

What is actually happening is that there are 4 items to be displayed like the above fashion.For the first 2 items , the data are coming correctly in the page 1.After that due to page brake , the rest 2 items are coming to the next page.

But the data for the 3rd items are automatically changing during runtime (Form-Tab_check_page_break) and the 4th data records are coming in place of 3rd recored.Also after that the 4th record are coming.So the data are duplicating whereas the 3rd data are totally not displaying at all.

Any useful suggestion will be highly appreciated.