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Nov 12, 2007 at 09:51 PM

power support


We are currently running 46c on sles8 and oracle 32-bit.

We wish to :

a) move to 64-bit power platform with sles10 and oracle10.

b) Upgrade from 46c to ERP 2005 (not unicode).

Can you please confirm if the power platform is supported for our

environment ?

We did a test upgrade by following note 939406 which is for x86.

Is there a similar note available for power ?

If not how can we execute step a ?

The only installation cdrom I found is : 51020565 for sap kernel

46d_ext 64 bit.

Does this support power ?

I did not find any patches for this kernel for power ?

Do they exist and if so where ?

Rgds, Eirikur.