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IBP - HCI DS - IBP key figure upload, post processing script error

Oct 03, 2017 at 01:43 PM


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I am trying to upload KF - Actuals to IBP using HCI-DS. Facing these issues -

1. I can see data being pulled from the monitor log but getting this error 'Post-processing finished with zero records processed.'

2. I have maintained values for Batch command, Time profile, Plan Area in the global variables and also mapped File Name (as target staging table name) in the dataflow but it doesn't appear in the Data integrator application. Most headers appear blank here.

What could be the reason?

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data-integ.jpg (43.8 kB)
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Alecsandra Dimofte
Oct 04, 2017 at 09:39 AM

What is the post-processing error? Please go to IBP Data Integration fiori app and download the rejection log report corresponding to the HCI job.



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It says 'Post-processing finished with zero records processed.' Also, the data integration tab fields are all empty for this task execution.

I have attached the screenshots here.


Is the planning area where you need to load the data SAPMODEL1? This sounds like an old generic one.


And also the FILENAME is missing, did you map this field in the HCI Target query?


Yes, I have mapped FILENAME as our target staging table name.

Regarding planning area - We had replicated the job from standard template and for master data job also we had left it as 'SAPMODEL1' as the default value which went fine so kept the same for key figure job as well. Do you think we need to change this global variable to actual planning area name ?


Of course! IBP does not find this planning area during post-processing so the job fails.


Thankyou Alecsandra!, that was the issue :)

This leads me to the below questions -

1. If the planning area is not present, we would expect the tool to provide an error which is relevant and definitely not 'Post-processing finished with zero records processed'. What's your take on this?

2. Master data jobs went through fine even with default 'SAPMODEL1' as planning area value. So, how is the post processing script logic different for key figure upload.

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