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Nov 12, 2007 at 05:55 PM

Text Area default value


Hi everybody

I am dealing with the following issue on EP 7.0 SP9:

I need a text area to be filled with an editable default value from data store.

As widely known, the general -> default value field doesn't work for dynamic values.

As a consequence, I always successfully use the formatting -> expression field.

When it comes to text areas, however, this workaround fails at deploy time (compilation succeeds if performed alone):

Error in compiling Flex application: Error: Unknown attribute 'enter' on vc.controls.VCTextArea


Failed to compile AAD3BU.mxml

Upon removing the default value from the formatting tab, deploy succeeds.

Is this a bug? Has anyone ever managed to specify a default value for a text area?

Thanks for your support.

Points will be awarded.

Best regards