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Confirm Output type in VA02 through RSNAST00

Oct 03, 2017 at 09:48 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have an issue as below.

My requirement is to confirm output type 'XYZ' in VA02, VA03 based on some business conditions. I have written code to update nast table with Processing status(nast-vstat) is 0.

Later calling rasnast00 with input parameters to make it fully processed. This case is working good, issue is when I want to update output type with periodical scheduled time(NAST-VSZTP = 1, 2 or 3). This time only I am seeing entry in VA03, not in VA02.

In VA03 seeing status in yellow color, but in VA02 it is blank. but I want it in VA02 also.

Can some one please let me know on this.

Best Regards,

Saida Reddi.

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You mention that the output does not appear in edit mode. What do you see in the determination analysis for order output?

Does this occur for newly created documents?

Does the output appear after going to VA02, changing something and saving?


Hi Veselina Peykova ,

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, this problem coming for the newly created orders. When the document is processed fully it is appearing in both VA02, VA03.(status green). But when with periodical scheduled job, showing only in VA03(status yellow), not in VA02.

When I enter manually in VA02 and after save, it is confirming properly. Only issue facing when doing with programmatically. I checked my functional consultant and he confirmed no issue in determination analysis.

May I know is this standard behavior ?

Best Regards,

Saida Reddi.


I wonder if there is some routine that prevents the output from determining properly, which is why would look first at the determination analysis.

If there is indeed a routine and an unfulfilled requirement is the reason why the output is not determined in edit mode, but after save from VA02 it works fine, I suppose that the best approach is to check if some fields are getting updated only when saving from VA02 or if there is custom code to redetermine or delete outputs.

It does not look to me as standard behavior, because if the output was already determined and if you did not update anything in the transactional and master data and if the configuration/routines were not updated, I would not expect the output determination to be different between display and edit mode.

I have only encountered such behavior with custom code - e.g. routines, exits, z-fields update at save with hard-coded tcode etc.

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Ritesh Agrawal Oct 12, 2017 at 04:20 PM

Hello Veselina Peykova ,

Thank you, issue with routine. It's solved now.

Best Regards,


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