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Can bookmark save the details like tabstrip and multiple Containers ?

We have 2 tabs with 2 container in the Design Studio(1.6 Sp04) report. Saving the bookmark (Bookmark.FragmentBookmark.saveBookmark) uses only CONTAINER as a parameter, hence the metadata above the "container" is not saved like TABSTRIP or other container in the report.

Issue : Running a report with bookmark URL, the 2nd tab/container's prompt value overwrites 1st tab/Container's prompt value which was saved in bookmark.

Bookmark saved (Bookmark.FragmentBookmark.saveBookmark) for the first tab/container with prompt value x, now bookmark is executed thru URL but the prompt value from 2nd tab/container is overwriting the bookmarked prompt value. Initial Promt value is derived from BEx query thru Exit (Current month - 1).

Need a way to save a bookmark which will save for all the containers and tabs.

Note : Cannot use standard bookmark due to a issue (when application transported to next system, all the bookmarks of the target systems are overwritten)

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Himanshu,

    It sounds like you are using portable fragment bookmarks. You will need to structure your containers and content accordingly to save the desired "metadata".

    In order for the community to help with your specific case, you will need to explain the issue much more clearly. It would help if you provided annotated screenshots.

    Also, if you want to preserve prompt values of bookmarks, have you set the application level property Bookmark Loading to "Hide and Keep Prompts"?



  • Thanks Mustafa for the Response. I will update the question appropriately.

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