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RTC - Error on work status

Oct 03, 2017 at 12:19 AM


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Hi gurus:

I am implementing RTC on S4H 1610 FS02 and I need to configure the work status, so far I have specified:

1) 2 work states: unlocked / locked

1) owner dimension = company code dimension with a hierarchy (just 1 top node and all the company codes on it), the top node is a text node "ALL_ENTITIES"

2) owner - defined by property of company code RTCENT I have filled this property with my user id for all the company codes

3) other dimensions: Category / fiscal year-period / fiscal year variant

But when I try to specify the "lock status" I see this error:

I know that there is an option to implement a badi for this, but my scenario is pretty straight I need to implement that badi in my case?



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1 Answer

Lucas Costa Oct 03, 2017 at 12:27 AM

Apparently the system is failing to identify the owner from the Entity Dim.

As RTC_ENTITY_M currently does not have OWNER property, I'm assuming you enhanced somehow this property. Did you enhanced the

/ERP/ECOMP IO and HANA view liked to the IO as well?

Can you share the Entity Mapping (RTCENT) and BPC Mapping for the Entity Dim?

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Hi Lucas, for now I am using the dimlist property of the Entity dimension (I know this is not the good practice but I need to test the WorkStatus to be sure that it is working) so I populated this column with my id user then when I run work status for a specific company code it works fine but when I select the top node of the hierarchy is throwing the error message. Have you faced this before?


I haven't used WS in RTC yet. But the only difference is where you're inputting the OWNER.

If you're using DIMLIST, mapped that in the Entity mappings in BPC (DIMLIST field to DIMLIST property) and chose DIMLIST in the Owner Property should be ok.

I'd check:

  1. The HANA view that lookup the entities (Assigned to /ERP/ECOMP IO) - Make sure it's bringing DIMLIST with correct values.
  2. Model dimension mapping - Property DIMLIST receiving /ERP/DIMLIST
  3. Check your work status settings

If nothing solves the issue, I'd open a ticket or look at RSBPCB_SETUSER BAdI

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Joseph Angulo

Hi Joseph,

Have you managed to so solve the issue for work status?




Yes, we implemented the badi for work status with a custom table in BW. I don't like the solution but this is what we can do for now.