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Service Contract Search: New fields in dynamic query Web-UI

Hope someone is able to answer this,

I'm new to the BOL programming and I would like to add three new fields in Service Contract Dynamic Search in web-ui and show the same in Result view. BSP Component: BT112S_SC Dynamic Search: BTQSrvcon These fields are 'Reference product' (of equipment), Base category and Alternative ID. These fields are already available in the system inside equipment data. I've already added these fields using APPEND structure in structure 'CRMST_QUERY_SRC_BTIL' and CRMST_QUERY_R_SRC_BTIL. After this I could see the fields in configuration and added the same so that fields are visible.

However, when I perform the search these fields are coming blank.

What I've to do to get the values in these field? Do I've to code in the BSP component or is there as BADI that I can use for this purpose?

Thank a lot in Advance


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1 Answer

  • Oct 03, 2017 at 01:56 PM


    the fields are populated by the the Reporting Framework (see FM CRM_BSP_OIC_1O_SEARCH_FROM_RF ).

    You will need to add the fields in the table CRMC_REPDY. In case there is no access startegy in place for the table where the fields are actually coming from, you will need to enter a new entry in table CRMC_REPDY_DB.

    The best way to understand how it works is to debug ;). The query is built in method BUILD_DYN_SQL of class CL_CRM_REPORT_ACC_DYNAMIC and the actual select is normally done in the method DATABASE_ACCESS of the same class.

    You can use BADI CRM_BADI_RF_Q1O_SEARCH to poulate the data you need.



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    • Hello Andrei,

      Thanks for response :)

      I was under the impression that to enhance a dynamic query one can either create Z field using AET (in case of custom fields) or use APPEND structure for existing standard SAP fields. Please clarify if there's any other approach.

      From what I understood, you are suggesting to enhance table CRMC_REPDY, right? Could you please clarify what you mean by 'access strategy' and also the steps for this approach? Do I've to write any code or system will take care of the remaining logic?

      Another question, can I use CRM_BADI_RF_Q10_SEARCH without enhancing the above structures in case of my requirement?

      Thanks in Advance