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Oct 02, 2017 at 06:54 PM

Service Contract Search: New fields in dynamic query Web-UI


Hope someone is able to answer this,

I'm new to the BOL programming and I would like to add three new fields in Service Contract Dynamic Search in web-ui and show the same in Result view. BSP Component: BT112S_SC Dynamic Search: BTQSrvcon These fields are 'Reference product' (of equipment), Base category and Alternative ID. These fields are already available in the system inside equipment data. I've already added these fields using APPEND structure in structure 'CRMST_QUERY_SRC_BTIL' and CRMST_QUERY_R_SRC_BTIL. After this I could see the fields in configuration and added the same so that fields are visible.

However, when I perform the search these fields are coming blank.

What I've to do to get the values in these field? Do I've to code in the BSP component or is there as BADI that I can use for this purpose?

Thank a lot in Advance