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Former Member
Nov 12, 2007 at 07:22 AM

MIRO problem


dear all,

i have a problem in invoice verification(MIRO)

<b>problem explaination</b>

there is the difference in invoice value and PO value

<b>may be due to</b>

i have maintain one <b>tax condition</b> <b>ZFRT</b> where i put all tax calculation diff. occuring due to the value qoute by the vendor is inclusive of excise and i am matching the break up of ED and all including VAT

this diff i put in ZFRT condition with diff value

now in <b>condition tab</b> system took it as a <b>non deductible tax</b> amount its fine

<b>but while doing MIRO system shows a diff exactly by that amount which i put in ZFRT condition .</b>i.e system shows less amount than invoice amount .

please tell me why this happned? and if i was wrong .then tell me the correct procedure