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Nov 12, 2007 at 02:23 AM

Header Mapping


Hi all,

I am new to XI and I've been trying to get the following to work: - basically, 2 different R/3s (46C), 1 XI (7.0) and a third-party marketplace. R/3 sends & receives IDOCs thru and from the only XI_1 which communicates with Marketplace (MarketPlace Adapter) via xCBL documents. XI_1 does the transformation from IDOC to xCBL and back.

Routing to the marketplace is done via DDIDs whilst IDOCs will use the Customer number or Vendor numbers (ALE#KU ALE#LI). R/3_A & R/3_B is configured as business systems. Documents used are PO, CO, POR/SO & Invoice.

R/3_A <-IDOC-> XI_1 <-xCBL-> Marketplace <-xCBL-> XI_1 <-IDOC-> R/3_B

R/3_A actually has more than one Customer number (KU). Right now, I am using header mapping (receiver agreement) via a proxy party for R/3_A to put in the ALE#KU info. However, I do not know how to handle for more than 1 ALE#KU cause XI will complain of duplicates.

Also, since R/3_A is a business system, I cannot setup the same receiver agreement eventhough I want to put in a separate header mapping.

Please advise.



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