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Nov 11, 2007 at 06:35 PM

Datasources 3.x vs 7.0?


Hi Experts,

Can the 3.X datasources and 7.0 data sources exist together.? Yes I would expect,but not for the same datasource.

How do I know which datasource type is active ? from the Object Type (R3TR RSDS for 7.0 and R3TR ISFS for 3.x).

I should be able to convert/revert the DS's from 3.x and 7.0 and back from 7.0 and 3.x right? Please correct me If I'm wrong.? As both of them cannot coexist together.

I know how to revert back to 3.x datasource from 7.0 DS (Transaction code RSDS) but how do I do the reverse.? IS it possible.?

We currently have old GL running as 3.x DS in a 7.0 system.

. I would like to implement new GL (0figl_C10) and it doesn't allow me to assign an infosource as it is of type RSDS.

Which is a good option, to implement the DS as 3.x/7.0?.

If I'm planning to do a 7.0, then any caveats/pitfalls.?

any other differences I need to be aware of the differences between the 3.x and 7.0 and the repercussions there of.?