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Nov 11, 2007 at 01:04 PM

Resource Related Billing



Does anyone have any documentation on Resource Related Billing? I need to understand what business scenarios are applicable and how to configure it.

At my client, I have two situations, both involving a work order. In the first situation, the work is being done for a 3rd Party Customer and therefore, all work captured in the work order needs to be billed to the 3rd Party.

The second situation involves intercompany billing. Company A provides labor and material to a Company B work order. Company A needs to invoice Company A for the labor and material provided. The billing invoice needs to be detailed and include the appropriate mark-ups and taxes. Additionally, the work order could be open for multiple periods. Therefore, we need to be able to do periodic billing.

For both situations, I believe Resource Related Billing will work. Please advise if you think something else should be considered too.