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SAP HCM Positivetimemanagment>Time pairs generation

Sep 29, 2017 at 02:58 PM


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has anyone has come across a situation where the Time pairs should be made to split

like in the example below.

Fixed break: 12:00 - 12:15 Hrs

Swipe In: 10:00 Hrs Swipe out: 20:00 Hrs

So according to the Processing in the Function PBRKS there would be a Timepair from 12:00 - 12:15 with Time Identifier as "05" and the Rest Time pairs can be with Time identifier as "02" .

The Objective here is to create a time pair after 6 hours .Time pairs should look like -

Begin End ID Timetype number

16.00 16.15 05 0510 0.5000

The requirement is to generate the Time pair in the schema itself and this cannot be changed.

I have tried the Operation " GENTG" "GENTP" und couldnt get the desired results.

It should work like.

Read the first time pair

PBEG+ 6 hrs = start Time for the newly to be created Time pair

PBEG+6 hrs +0,15 minutes = end time for the newly to be created Time pair.

In next stage changing the Time indentifier with GENTP is possbile.

Do you have any idea on Generating the Time pair and assign the Start time and end time

In the Second step, the existing Time pair should be made to split so that there is no overlap.

Awaiting for your suggestions



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1 Answer

Rémi Corriveau Oct 02, 2017 at 04:36 PM

How is the "Swipe In" time entered in SAP?

We don't work with Breaks nor with TimeIn/TimeOut, so I'm not very familiar with the Standard Functions and Operations that are processing Time Entries.

Could you talk to an ABAP programmer to see if a Program could be built where, upon reading the "Swipe In" time, it would generate the appropriate Break Time Entries? The ABAP programmer may be able to do that processing the entries comming from the Outside Source (the Swipe In/Swipe Out Machine), or through a Custom Function in your Time Evaluation Schema.

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Hi Remi,

thanks for valuable Inputs. Parallelly would check with the ABAP programmer if he could process the Entries from the Time terminal.

So far I was able to generate and modify the TIP entries with the Operations "GENTG" and "FILLP". Now the only task left is to split the already exisiting pair and ensure that there is no overlap.

Overall the Objective here is to have a functionality like with the standard Subschema "TF20" but rather than to reduce the break from the last TIP entry, the break has to occur after 6 hr from the first swipe in.

Hope you have some suggestion for me - Thank you.

Best Regards,


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Hello ,

Any other comments on how to Split the exisitng Time pair. Which operations can be used.

Looking forward for your comments.