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Nov 10, 2007 at 06:19 PM

Problems after transfering Cost centers with LSMW



I have a problem after transfering Cost Centers with LSMW.

The first Batch input run created all cost centers in one CC Group erroneously - cause they should be placed in different CC groups.

I changed LSMW settings and made another batch input run - now the Cost centers were created in proper groups. I think that I deleted all CC's created in previous batch input run, but now I am not too sure, because there is a problem...

Cost centers exist both in their proper groups and in the one group mentioned by me before. So there is such situation that Cost center appears in Standar hierarchy twice at the same time.

When I delete cost centers - they are removed from their proper groups but the CC entry remains in that one group - all CC are there inactive.

How can I get rid of them. I tried deleting them - but it's impossible - the system doesn't see them.

When I run the batch input again - the same cost centers appear in proper groups and at the same time they become active in the one group. The standard hierarchy group is not UNIQE.

Please advice me how to delete these entries from standard hierachy.

Best wishes,