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Nov 10, 2007 at 03:49 PM




i try to learn using BAPIs from JAVA-applications. To find out how the BAPIs work, i use the BAPI-test tool of the function builder in the BAPI-Explorer.

Now i tried to create a new customer in the SAP flight-data case study. So i made a call to BAPI_FLCUST_CREATEFROMDATA with the 2 needed parameters customername and customertype ("B" for business-customer).

When i run the call, i get an error "Technical error", BC_IBF is set to 6.

So i tried to debug to find out, where the error occurs. It happens in the function "NUMBER_GET_NEXT" at the system call "ThNoGet". This system call returns with sy-subrc = 4, so a "INTERVAL_NOT_FOUND" exception is raised.

If i look at the system-call, i see that in the field-structure "BNRIV" the fields "FROMNUMBER" and "TONUMBER" are complete empty.

Could this be the error? And if yes, where can i enter this interval?

I am a student and i use a system, which is hosted by a university. Should this be a configuration problem?

I thank you for your help!

Kind regards from Germany!

Harry Schuster