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Nov 09, 2007 at 06:53 PM

Any one configured 2 SAP ROUTERS?


Hi Experts,

I have few questions regarding SAP ROUTER having more than one.

1. I already have one sap router installed. we are installing it for backup. I want to know can I install the latest SAP router as a 2nd router where the old some maybe not the latest one? would I be able to use both of them same time incase if one goes wrong the other can work fine?

2. I was going through sap router guide to download the router software, it took me to support packs. Can you please help me finding the SAP router software?

3. Once I install sap router, I have to install library to encript the data. Once I do that, I would definitely need to have VPN setup. Here is my question, the old sap router already have VPN connection, do I need one more VPN connection for another SAP ROUTER? (the new one) ...

I have never installed SAP ROUTER before, therefore, I would like get my concept clear.

I would appreciate your help!!

it will be very very helpful if i can get step by step?...

Thanks guys,

i will post points def...