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Hiding tab in zmsc2n

Hi guys,

My requirement is to copy the msc2n transaction to zmsc2n and need to hide few subscreens in it. I'm new to module pool. Can you please help me how to acheive this requirement.

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  • Please note, your requirement is to find a way to have the functionality of MSC2N but with a few subscreens hidden. Your requirement is not "to copy the msc2n transaction...". That is merely your proposed solution to the requirement. You need to be aware that copying SAP standard programs for your own purposes is very bad practice. There's always another way that's less risky - even changing the original SAP program is better than copying it.

    Also - be new to a technology won't give you any special treatment here. There's really no point in mentioning it.

  • Hi Matthew

    Yes, of course, copying is bad practice. But business didn't want to change the transaction for all users. We need to acheive the above requirement to only certain users. Is there any other solution for this.

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    Sep 28, 2017 at 08:04 PM

    This can be achieved by creating transaction and screen variants, throught the transaction code SHD0.

    1. Create a transaction variant and a screen variant for the screen you want, hide the tab (checkbox invisible)
    2. Create the transaction code ZMSC2N (via transaction code SE93) as a "variant transaction", and assign the "transaction variant" created previously.
    3. Run ZMSC2N -> the tab should be hidden
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