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Nov 09, 2007 at 02:09 PM

Trouble with tableview with single selection - the selected row doesnt.....


Hi all,

I have a big confusing trouble with ones of my tablaviews within BSP app. My scenario is like this: I have a single selection (radiobutton) tableview, when i select a certain row, it execute perfectly some server side event, when the processing of this event it is done, and the app. return me the application's screen view, the row that i have selected appears as if it had not been selected at all, so is confusing coz' the end-user may think that no request took place coz' the row doesnt appear as selected, but the weird thing is that my the event was execute!!. Anybody knows what may be happening with my tableview and how can i solve this problem!!!

Thanx in advance - i offer rewards point to good answers