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Determination Of Requirement Types

Sep 28, 2017 at 12:05 PM


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Dear Experts,

For "Determination Of Requirement Types Using Transaction", there are 6 Strategies (according to the HELP in SPRO) as below -

    1. First, an attempt is made to find a requirements type using the strategy group in the material master.
    2. If the strategy group has not been maintained, the system will determine it using the MRP group.
    3. If the MRP group has not been defined, the system uses the
material type instead of the MRP group when accessing the corresponding control tables.
    4. If no requirements type is found here, the system assumes a special rule and attempts to find a requirements type with the aid of the item category and the MRP type.
    5. If this is not possible, a last attempt is made to find a requirements type with the item category only.
    6. If the last attempt fails, the system declares the transaction as not relevant for the availability check or transfer of requirements.
    Would like to ask the followings -
    Q1) For the above Strategy 3, where can find the relevant configs. for the "Material Type" and the "Corresponding control tables" ?
    Q2) In OVB8 (Maintain Requirements For Transfer Of Requirements), if our company's config. is as below, what functions are being controlled by this config. ?

      Q3) In OVB5 (Maintain Requirements For Purchase And Assembly Orders), if our company's config. is as below, what functions are being controlled by this config. ?

      For your advice on the above questions.

      Many Thanks,

      KH Fong

      aqi3i.png (27.9 kB)
      kthis.png (9.0 kB)
      d8wvz.png (10.5 kB)
      ovb5 | ovb8 | ovzg | ovzh
      10 |10000 characters needed characters left characters exceeded

      Any expert can help to answer our above Questions ?


      KH Fong


      A1: While or instead of waiting for people to answer your questions, you could have tried the following site search:

       "ATP"+"material type"

      The result list is not very big and if you filter by 'Blog', the top entry provides the exact answer to your question (with IMG path).

      A2: In the help documentation for the IMG node it is clearly explained what the routine does and what is the purpose of this setup. Did you not read it?

      A3:The routines in the screenshot are simple and even have comments, which hint where these can potentially make sense.

      Of course, if you wanted extra certainty (A2, A3), a simple where-used search for the table would provide more clues, or you could search sap notes with criterion like 'ovb5' or 'ovb8' and hopefully come across notes like 738171...

      Please put more effort the next time to find an answer by yourself before posting a question. With topics like ATP there is a high chance that it was asked, discussed and answered already.


      Dear Veselina Peykova,

      Thanks for your advice.

      For the above Q1, BEFORE posting questions in this Forum, I had already tried to search using the following keywords in this Forum, SAP Note of OSS Support and transaction SPRO but still could NOT find the answer -

      Transfer Requirement + Material Type

      Transfer Requirement

      Transfer of Requirement

      Material Type

      Also could not find the answer by using your suggested "ATP + Material Type". I don't know whether the above Strategy 3 is valid for SAP logic, i.e. "If the MRP group has not been defined, the system uses the material type instead of the MRP group when accessing the corresponding control tables.". If so, could you advise where can find the relevant configurations' settings ?

      For the above Q3, Could you also advise whether the selected Routine "106" is valid since no Sub-Routine was selected ?

      Many Thanks,

      KH Fong


      You are not using @mention correctly, which is why I did not receive a notification. If you wish to use the feature, either use the @ symbol, type the first few characters of the user name and select from the list, or copy/paste the url from the people profile (***), not the link, which starts with***.

      If you prefer to notify the person just by commenting, make sure that you reply to his comment or answer, not to yours- otherwise you send a notification just to yourself.

      Back to your comments - the order of search results is dynamic and has slightly changed, but did you not see this (to get the same results as me you need to use the exact phrase and filter) :

      The reason why I emphasize on the exact phrase is that when you search for "material type" for example, the site search will look content with the exact phrase, while if you enter material type SAP uses fuzzy search and sometimes you get lots of irrelevant entries that make your task harder.

      Among other information in it there is the IMG path you were asking about.

      I have no setup in my system to verify whether requirement 106 works as intended, but having a SyRoutine is probably not needed in this case. From my understanding SyRoutine is like a pre-check and the user routine is the requirement that you are allowed to specify in the transaction in case you need something special - e.g. you want additional check on top of credit block, then you will create a routine in your name range by copying the standard one and add your business logic.

      From your questions it is clear that you are willing to learn how exactly the functionality works, but it will be much easier for you if you read the blog which I mentioned, then find SAP note 2196410 - Tackling a problem with the ERP ATP check or SD scheduling? Or you just want to expand your knowledge? Here you will find what you are looking for. and start by reading the topics/notes in the list. The compilation is good and Expert Search is SAP notes is way better than what we have here.

      blog.jpg (288.5 kB)

      Dear Veselina Peykova,

      Actually don't exactly know your above mentioned about notification. I just supposed it should be in public after posting text in this Forum.

      Anyway, thanks for your advice on the above Q3.

      For the above Q1, although the searched info. can be narrowed down by using the " " with the keywords, I still could NOT search my required info. with keywords as below -

      "Transfer Requirement" + "Material Type"

      "Transfer Requirement"

      "Transfer of Requirement"

      "Requirement Transfer"

      "Requirement Type" + "Material Type"

      "Material Type"

      "Determination Of Requirement Types"

      "Determination Of Requirement Types Using Transaction"

      "Requirement Type"

      "ATP" + "Material Type" (as suggested by you)

      "Available to Promise (ATP) in SAP-SD" (as suggested by you but this Discussion cannot be found)

      If you can find my required info., could you advise which keywords should be used to search or directly share the relevant link to me ?

      Many Thanks,

      KH Fong


      How are you searching? More specifically, are you using the SAP Search in the SAP Community or Google. I would recommend trying each of the following with the initial search that Veselina suggested:

      For most things, I prefer either of the two custom google searches, but the onedx search sometimes turns up items the others can't see.

      Regards, Mike (Moderator)


      Dear Michael Appleby,

      Thanks for your advice. However, still could NOT search the required information through your above 3 links. Same issue in another discussion is as below -

      Also would like to know the configuration section(s) relevant to the above "Strategy 3", i.e. "If the MRP group has not been defined, the system uses the material type instead of the MRP group when accessing the corresponding control tables.". Where can find the relevant configuration(s) for the "Material Type" and the "Corresponding control tables" to store the default "Requirement Types" ?

      Could you also advise ?

      Many Thanks,

      KH Fong


      Hi KH Fong,

      I have no idea why you are unable to search and find the suggested material. I tried all three searchs I showed and found multiple instances of content addressing your question. comes right up and does a very good job of explaining how to use the functions you seek. If the blog does not show up with the direct link, then I would check with your IT department or service provider to find out why.

      Not much more either Veselina or I can do for you if your browser can't return information properly.

      Regards, Mike (Moderator)
      Strategy & Product Management


      Dear Michael Appleby,

      Thanks for your advice on the above link. Actually it is difficult to search the required info. under this link as below -

      "........Else, In place of MRP Group, Material Type is used (IMG Guide > Production > MRP > Define MRP Groups for each Material Type)........"

      The above link (blog) should be mainly related to "Availability Check" / "ATP" so it cannot be searched by inputting keywords like "Requirement Type" / "Determination Of Requirement Type".

      Just one more question for the above Q1 -

      Even if it is completed to "Define MRP Groups for each Material Type", is it still required to maintain the "Strategy Group" for the "MRP Group" (as Strategy 2 for Determination Of Requirement Types) so as to fulfill the Strategy 3 for Determination Of Requirement Types ? If so, what is the purpose of this Strategy 3 as the Strategy 2 has already been fulfilled for the Determination Of Requirement Types ?

      Many Thanks,

      KH Fong


      Hi Kwok,

      Sorry, but I have no idea. I got involved to help you search properly so that you could do the research yourself.

      Regards, Mike

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