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Former Member
Nov 09, 2007 at 03:10 AM

EJB CMR one-to-many problem



I have problem with basic functionality of EJB. I couldn't add more than one element to cmr Collection which is related to ''many'' part of relation.

Something like:

Customer { // 1 customer have n orders


Collection abstract getOrders();


public void addOrder(LocalOrderComp order) {





Actually I could add but after I get it again there are just one - first element which was added there. I checked descriptors and it seems to be OK. What problem can be here?

One more detail, I use NWDS for development, Local interfaces in EJB and MaxDB as database. Also question for me is how it implemented on database level because I have checked tables in MAXDB and haven't found any foreign keys for relations. Can this be the reason?

Any useful answers will be rewarded.