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Nov 09, 2007 at 01:31 AM

AE Multiple Role Approvers: Discussion


I am faced with the following requirement. Any insight would be appreciated.

The client currently has multiple role approvers for a given role. The appropriate role approver is based on the user's place in the organization. For example User A resides in Org Unit ZZ, User B resides in Org Unit XX. Now when User A requests role Z:SAP_ROLE the role approver should be Approver F, but when User B request the same role (Z:SAP_ROLE) the role approver should be Approver H (and not Approver F). How can this be solved in AE?

What I've done thus far was to create separate priorites for each group of users (there are only 3 groups). I then created a Custom Approver Determinator which captures the Role Owner by area of responsibility. I also added a custom field that evaluates the users place in the organization by their Org Unit assignment. The result of what I've defined thus far, satisfies the requirement but it creates another issue.

The new issue:

Now if the request contains roles that are outside the scope of the CAD, the request fails because there is no role approver defined. So I then added a role approval stage, in addition to the CAD stage. This is not desirable because the CAD-inclusive role is now going to be approved twice. The second approval is not required nor does the client want it. I also took another approach use the Escape Route functionality but that ended with basically the same result.

Again any insight into this is appreciated.