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Former Member
Nov 08, 2007 at 10:34 PM

Does SNP provides functionality for Inventory Planning



I am thinking of proposing Service Parts Planning to client based on their requirements for inventory planning and distribution planning.

I wanted to ask if this would be a good proposal? I based my decision on my knowledge that SNP lacks functionality for calculating stock levels (i.e. EOQ and Target Stock Level ). By tareget stock levels, I mean how much inventory we should keep at a location and where in supply chain should we keep that inventory.

It does however provides Safety Stock Planning method to calculate the safety stock.

If this is not the case and SNP does have functionality to calculate target stock levels?

Please let me know.

1. If there is a functionality or process to calculate your reorder levels/target stock level in SNP for a location and multi-level locations?

2. How hard would is to implement Safety Stock Planning? and how hard is it explain the results? and whether those results are reliable? know on APO 3.0, the functionality was not stable at the least.