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Nov 08, 2007 at 06:39 PM

BEx Query Transports (NW04s)


I transported a few queries using transport connection collection from DEV to QA.

<b>These were the first transports.</b>

After these transports queries that had not yet been transported are requesting a request when they are being saved in query designer:

<b>error msg:</b> BEx transport request '' is not available or not suitable; Choose an existing request.

To correct this problem I created a standard BEx request in transport connection. But now, when a query is saved entries are entered in the standard request, even though the query was never transported. (??????)

I thought the query would go to standard BEx request the first time it was changed after it was transported.

Also, I want to create multiple requests assigned to different packages:

How do I assign the BEx query elements to the packages for transport?