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Nov 08, 2007 at 05:03 PM

Creating a long text using ABAP code.. fm SAVE_TEXT


When you create an order via IW31 one of the options is to click on the text button and create a long text. I am basically trying to mimic this action from within my ABAP code.

The text id details are as follows:

Text Name 500000015000046 which is (5000000 + order number)

Language EN

Text ID KOPF Order header text

Text Object AUFK Order text

If i manually create the text within the transaction i am then able to view and update it via function modules READ_TEXT and SAVE_TEXT. But if the text has not already been created READ_TEXT obviously returns nothing as it does not exist and SAVE_TEXT does not seem to created it!

Anyone know how i would go about creating this text using ABAP code?

Hope this make a bit of sense

Thanks in advance