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Nov 08, 2007 at 03:27 PM

Rounding problem with CalendarWeekView


Hello everybody,

I have an entry which starts for instance at 6.23 and ends at 18.35.

the Problem is now, if I set the timescale of the calendar at 2 hours it will always round my date. I am getting an entry from 6 to 20 o clock. I have seen in a picture that it must be possible without rounding. What I am doing wrong?

String jobStart = "2007-11-05 06:23:44.000";

String jobEnd = "2007-11-05 18:35:44.000";

Timestamp startTimestamp = Timestamp.valueOf(jobStart);

Timestamp endTimestamp = Timestamp.valueOf(jobEnd);

CctDateTime startTime = new CctDateTime(startTimestamp,timeZoneCode,new Boolean(true));

CctDateTime endTime = new CctDateTime(endTimestamp,timeZoneCode,new Boolean(true));

So and now I am using startTime und endTime for my context binding. Boolean(false) doesn't make a difference.

I would like to have it like this

<a href="http://unifiedrendering:2080/urpreviewapp710IB_stream/data/UIBB-Reference/Calendar/WeekView.jsp?stylebase=/urpreviewapp710IB_stream/themes/sap_tradeshow&rtl=false&support508=true&language=&browser=&enumerate=false&focusrect=true&advalign=false&version=&in">Click me I am a link</a>

Hope you are able to help me.

Best regards


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