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Former Member
Nov 08, 2007 at 01:44 PM

Recovering MaxDB instance after file corruption



How can I recover MaxDB database from backup when one of datafiles was corrupted? I could drop this broken database, create new one and recover it. But is there any way to recover db without dropping it?

And one more thing I would like to understand.

AFAIK database instance consists of two major "parts". datafiles/logfiles and small set of files placed in sapdb/wrk directory (in case of standard SAP installation). What kind of information are kept in these files? What about definition of database users and DBM operators?

If I drop SAP database, create new one with the same name and users/DBM operators and recover data form backup, will this database be the same as "original" one? What are possible differences between these two databases?

Thank you for any help with solving my problems.