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SAP IPS and BODS Queries

Oct 04, 2017 at 09:21 AM


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I have been reading about SAP IPS and BODS and I am planning to install it however I'm confused about some regarding IPS and BODS. I hope you don't mind answering my questions or hope you give me better links ( Guide links for BODS in Product Homepage are broken huhuhu ) .

1. As per reading some comments in some installation guide, they said that it useless to install BODS if you do not install IPS, then

• What is/are the role of IPS to SAP BODS?

• What is the purpose of IPS?

• Is IPS is an administrative tools?

2. For BODS as my understanding its an ETL tools, where we can transform data from different sources, right?

• Do we need other program/system to view these processed data?

• How can BODS get data from our SAP ERP system?

Thank you in advance, I hope you can enlighten me

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Hi there,


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Dirk Venken
Oct 05, 2017 at 08:00 AM

Navigate to Type SAP Data Services in the search field. There you'll find all the Product Guides. You can also type IPS in the search field now to find an answer on your first group of questions.

Anyway, DS is much more than an "ETL tool". Check out for a high-level overview.

You don't need another program to view source and target data. Use the View data feature in DS Designer.

There are multiple ways to extract data form ECC, refer to Extracting data from SAP ECC for a detailed discussion.

And next time, please: search before you post. Thank you.

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Hi Sir Dirk,

Thanks for your reply, I have checked those sites already and I get blank browser ( ).

Nice blog very informative thank you.

PS. I already got those guides after I downloaded the installer media, they are included in the ZIP