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Nov 08, 2007 at 01:07 PM

Role upload from ERP to Portal - a few questions


Hello there,

I´ve been playing a bit with the role upload and have some questions which I hope someone can give me answers to.

1. Is it possible to upload both roles and the generated transaction iViews to a specific folder in the PCD? I´d like to have a seperate folder for every role I´ll upload. The reason is that I don´t like 400 (or let´s say count X) transaction iViews in one folder. I was able to choose a folder for the role - but not for the generated iViews.

2. What if I have to delete the uploaded rolls for some reason? Like if we delete the role in ERP - we don´t want that in the Portal anymore either then. Would I have to delete the role and all its assigned transaction iViews manually in the Portal?

3. Is it possible to synchronize the user mapping between ERP and Portal with a job or something like that? I´m just wondering when the role in ERP will be assigned to new users if I always have to upload the user mapping so it´ll be also available within the Portal.

4. When creating a delta link like recommended, will the delta link include the user mapping also or would I have to set that again in the Portal?

5. I know it´s possible to customize the webgui so the navigation bar won´t be visible etc. Is it possible to do a global customizing of the webgui or do I have to set the parameters for every single iView? This will sure be a lot of work because if you have - let´s say 400 iViews - you have to change 400 iViews and set 400 times the parameters?

We´re running version 7.00 SP12

Lot of questions - answers are very appreciated!