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Nov 08, 2007 at 01:06 PM

How to post a document in the future using DI API?


Hello friends 😊

Please can someone help me find a clever way around this....

I am using SAP 2005 SP01 PL09. I am trying to add an invoice into SAP using a VB.Net application. I want to set the date for the invoice to a future date (e.g. 01/01/2008). The problem is that even though I have set the setting which "Allows future Posting Date" in SBO I still get a "Date deviates from permissable range" Error (-5002) when I try adding the invoice.

I know that when I try post the invoice through the SAP <i>front end</i> (i.e. still posting it in 01/01/2008) I get a confirmation screen which pops up and says "<b>Posting Date later that System Date</b>" and I can either click on "<i>OK</i>" or "<i>Cancel</i>". If i click on OK the Invoice goes through no problem.

This however does not work when i try use the DIAPI to do the same thing.

How can i bypass this error when i use the DIAPI??

Any help is much appreciated 😉