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Nov 08, 2007 at 09:45 AM

Applying MSA 4 SP08 mup fails, can't start a .bat command (WinServ2003)



Following my previous issue with system crash, we decided to reinstall the computer from scratch, with Windows Server 2003 this time, to match or Testing and Production environment developer workstations.

All was going fine, SQL Server 2000 updated to SP4, java 1.3, MSA 4 SP6 install, DCOM setup... BUT (there is always a BUT, isn't it ?) the second part of the upgrade to SP8 always fails...

The first part, launching the upgrade.exe, gives no confirmation of its completion (window closes without warning) but as I see in the registry <i>4.0 SP08</i>, I assume it worked...

Now the second part, applying the .mup package, fails when it tries to execute the optimize.bat command (to upgrade IDES database). The files are correctly extracted to the right directory, the firsts 1 or 2 sql procedures seem to be running flawlessly, but that .bat command gives an <b>error 255</b> and I don't understand what can be happening.

I am with the Administrator account, have full access rights to the <i>Program Files</i> directory (well I hope it's not because of the space in "Program Files"...)

-UPDATE- I removed the logfile, it was breaking the forum layout

I am trying some things, it seems it is because Windows Server 2003 command line does not have the '<b>find</b>' command, I am looking for a workaround