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Oct 03, 2017 at 07:17 PM

account type D is not defined for document type WA


Hi Friends,

I have a inter company material consumption using special procurement key ( Withdrawal from alternate plant) .

Eg : I have plant A and plant B , my raw materials stock will be maintained in plant A and my process order will be created in plant B.When i confirm the process order in plant B it has to consume raw materials from plant A where stock is maintained. To achieve this i configured the special procurement key and assigned in raw materials in plant B.Now when i create process order in plant B , i can see reservation in plant A which is fine.

But when i post confirmation with back flushing and auto GR system is throwing error message as " account type D is not defined for document type WA" . I am aware if we can activate the Check box against customer in OBA7 system will allow to post GI.

But the same scenario is working perfectly fine between two other plants ( Eg plant C and Plant D ) i am able to post GI and GR without any issue.

Could you please let me know Without activating customer in OBA7 how it is working for plant C and D since OBA7 is not plant specific.

Kindly help with any configuration difference or any master data issue.

Please note these transfer is between two different company codes

Thank you