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Nov 08, 2007 at 03:50 AM

MSS and Training & Events



We are using ERP2005 (ECC6) and have implemented the ESS & MSS 1.0 Business Packages on EP7. I noticed there is virtually no Training iviews - I have created IAC iviews for PV7i and PV8i on integrated ITS as suggested for ESS but what do I do about MSS? Do I really have to install the old HTMLB MSS Business Package for managers to be able to book their employees on courses? Especially as SAP note 1007341 excludes support for the ESS-in-MSS workset...

I've looked at the PE-LSO Business Package, but we don't want to use all the PE-LSO functionality (or pay for the extra licensing) and I couldn't see a MSS part to it anyway - it was all ESS.

What is the recommended (and supported) solution?

Many thanks