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Nov 08, 2007 at 02:53 AM

How to use SUBROUTINE in ' PROGRAMMING LINES'code of a smartform


Hi all,

i used a subroutine (PERFORM statement ) in 'Programming Line' node of a smartform .

Then i put the 'FORM ENDFORM ' in 'SUBROUTINES' node of GLOBAL data.

In Programming line i used

PERFORM READ_TEXT using p_id p_lan p_obj.

In SUBROUTINE node of GLOBAL data, i used

FORM READ_TEXT using p_id p_lan p_obj.


While executing, my control is going to FORM ENDFORM & i can see the data in the

table T_TDLINE while my control is inside the FORM ENDFORM.

When it comes back to my Programming NODE, there is no data in T_TDLINE table.

can anyone tell me how & where to define this table T_TDLINE so that i can get the data

in in my coding lines after PERFORM statement.

ur Idea is highly appreciated. correct answers will be rewarded.