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Nov 08, 2007 at 02:37 AM

0CO_OM_CCA_1 datasource COSS and COSP tables


Hi BW Gurus,

I am working in the Controling area and I have identified 2 datasources 0CO_OM_CCA_1 and 0CO_OM_CCA_9....I have 3 questions

1) I created the func spec and tech spec for the datasource the functional ppl has modified spec by adding few fields tht they would like to see in the code, object number etc 0CO_OM_CCA_1 comes from COSS and COSP tables which are totals they have the field company code in the table but not in the extractor I have to enhance my datasource to get the field ??? and can I do it without the ABAP code sicne the field is already exist in my base table.

any suggestion on enhancing the DS will be helpful.

2) there are some fields which are in COSS but not in COSP how can I bring them in the datasource....

Your suggestions will be reciprocated with points