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Nov 07, 2007 at 11:19 PM x64 Slow to establish database connections?


Set up a test database using Windows x64 for a possible move to MaxDB on Server 2003 EE using 4 dual-core Opteron processors & 32 GB memory. Data storage will be to a 4GB fiber channel SAN initial data area approx 250GB.

Establishing database connections via ODBC or ADO.NET (I've tried both) is taking around 5-10 seconds for each connection and all database transactional traffic seems to be suspended while waiting for new database connections to be established.

We currently have a similar DB ( with similar DB parameters) running on the Solaris platform (with a similar 2GB FC SAN) and experience no delay in establishing DB connections (sub second connection times are normal).

Any ideas on what may be causing the slow connections under Server 2003 EE x64?