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Nov 07, 2007 at 10:17 PM

Raise event on portal from a separate/new window?


Hi All,

we're currently running EP7 with a number of BSPs integrated providing HR functionality to users. Some of these BSPs (accessed via BSP iViews) are opened in a new window. We've built a bespoke component that times out the user if he/she has not been active for more than 15 mins. The bespoke component counts down 15 mins in a javascript. The javascript timer is reset every time the following event is raised "urn:com.hbos.portal.general:Activity" - this works fine for everything that is run within the portal including BSPs that run in a frame, i.e. not in a separate window (the BSPs use EPCMPROXY). It seems so anyway from my tests.

However, the timer is not reset when the event is raised using EPCMPROXY from a separate window. As mentioned earlier, some of our BSPs are displayed in a separate window that pops up on request (all of them though are executed BSP iViews). Does anyone know if it is possible to raise an event from an external/new window or if this is prohibited by the javascript and EPCF protocol? Is there any way around this? Might also be worth mentioning that we are running https and that both the portal and the WAS where the BSPs run are on the same domain.

Thanks for your time.