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Nov 07, 2007 at 08:14 PM

How/where to insert custom logic after PGI goods movement?


This is to request help to identify a mechanism where I can insert some custom logic to be executed AFTER successful post goods issue of an outbound delivery. I need to insert a row in a Z table with the batches and expiration dates that were PGI'ed.

I started to look for User Exits associated with the PGI but they all seemed to be more for influencing the data going into the PGI. Then, I'm thinking since a goods movement is executed at the end of the PGI (MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT i think...), maybe I should look for a way to insert logic after the goods movement since I only want to perform my table insert logic if the PGI/Goods Movement is succussful.

Thanks in advance for any insight...