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Nov 07, 2007 at 02:17 PM

BPM Collect Transformation Step Raise Alert need help



Scenario BPM Collect.

Block 1 - Multiple xml messages received and collected into multiline container.

Block 2 - Transform multiline container element into single message. Mapping Error throw Transformation Exception.

Block 2:Exception Branch - Transform multiline container element to error multiline container element (based on BpmPatternReqRespTimeOut with a twist).

Block 2:Exception Branch - Send multiline container element to Communication Channel for further error analysis.

Block 2:Exception Branch - Throw Alert BPM_ALERT Transformation Failure message.

Getting Compilation errors because I am not allowed to output a multiline container element...?

Behaviour without the Exception Branch Transform and Send is that the first message collected in the ccBPM goes to Green Flag and the others goto chequered flag when the BPM_ALERT is thrown. This is not desirable behaviour.

Would like to output multiple line container element so I easily know which group of messages failed ie file 1,2,3... so that I can go to the Error folder and repost them in the Sender Communication Channel if required.

Once this is working I am trying to identify which file had the conversion problem so I can filter if out from the others and process the others attempting to pass information from a UDF as to which item in the multiline container element I reached before I had a problem int he original mapping...?

I have read Michal Krawcyzk's blog on ALERT variables and Help on Throwing Alerts etc but I am progressing slowly with my solution...