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WWI PLM report generation.

Generation of raw reports, using a report category "RECIPE", has several problems:

Parameter symbols are ignored.

Generation date is not populated in table ESTDH.

Generation logs are missing calls like this:

Initializing Word connection at 09/25/17 18:37:21
wait for semaphore
semaphore allocated
release semaphore
Closing Word connection at 09/25/17 18:37:25

Does anyone have an idea as to what could be missing?

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4 Answers

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    Oct 19, 2017 at 12:03 PM

    SAP Note 2549339 has been released.

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    Oct 02, 2017 at 07:24 PM

    Hi Christoph,
    Report from template is working, yes.
    I am using some custom parameter symbols but also


    Yes I use CG50 and the report is viewable. I can generate a shipping order from the raw report also, but parameter symbols are never called.

    Reports generated from real_subs do not have the problem. RECIPE_WUI have this problem.


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    • Dear Timothy

      let us concentrate first on "classical WWI" structures and then try to look on the "Recipe" part

      This is the "high level story"

      Part 1

      a.) you define a gen variant with a template. important part here is: the assignment of an application (in your case MATMASTER, SUBMASTER, RECIPE Development)

      b.) based on SAP docU: I assume the "recipe" part is on level of "SUBMASTER" BUt this is not clear..

      Part 2: CG50/CG54

      Based on the "applications" (as part of the gen variant) you can "select" that in CG50 (refer to your screen). By application you will get a "application related search screen". E.g. if you use "SUBMASTER" you can select specifications (list of) as input. If you specify "MATMASTER" you can use "Materials" as selection criteria. If you you "Recipe development" i assume you can select "Recipes"

      Now it is important to differentiate the "symbols". Any symbol of type "SUBMASTER" is part of "raw report". Any symbol of type "MATMASTER" is part of "final report" (so called parameter symbols). For Recipe: no idea..

      BUt now complexity starts; for the "parameters" you can generate "hierarchies" (i will not drill down to details)

      Coming back now to "report from template" and "CG50"

      If you e.g. select "recipe" i would assume this (in report tree): Highest level is the "recipe"; Next the "Material", next the "specification".(for e.g. MSDS/Sds: it is "material" and then "Spec)

      Normally story is as:

      If you use "material" and select one WWI report in cg54/cg50 WWI is using this process

      1.) take raw report

      2.) check for "material" driven parameter symbols; collect data

      and then show final report (on client)

      For recipe i would assume the same; but now we have a "hierarchy" (my assumption !)m as you collect as well data from "recipe"

      Highest level "Recipe", material, specification

      But the "other" parameter symbols do not have a link to a "normal" EHS object; Therefore: here i struck a little bit

      E.g. if we talk about the cover sheet: here you can use special "report symbols" to collect "name of customer" etc.

      But you need always a "heading object" to collect some data, For you "customs symbol": i am not able to detect thos object (and this is the "on top complexity)

      I need now "reread" all of you explanation. BUt I am sorry. This WWI part (to combine SAP RD with WWI) is as well new for me


  • Oct 02, 2017 at 06:35 PM

    Dear Timothy

    is "report from template" working?

    I am using now EHS for quite a long time. Never ever seen any issues in ESTDH (Generation date is not populated in table ESTDH.)

    The other topics listed might be related regarding "WWI" Set up (correct configuraiotn in SAP and on WWI side)

    What parameter do you use? Do you use CG50 and try to view the report?

    We need more information to help you


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  • Oct 07, 2017 at 07:58 AM

    Dear Timothy

    based on my last comment: This is now my understanding

    1.) with some business function in SAP RD you have now the option to generate WWI documents (as released documents)

    2.) the "normal" SAP RD can only use WWI reports as "Ad hoc" reports

    3.) Online help is expalining. You can use "recipe" as the "header" object or "Specification"

    4.) This is my basic understanding of SAP RD (as a follower of SAP RM):

    a.) You define "input" material and spec (in most cases REAL_SUB) and you define out put material and spec (in most cases REAL_SUB)

    One material/spec combination is defined as "primary output".. Now some how there is a link between this primary spec and the "property specification" spec which more is assigned on the level of "recipe" (SAP help: on RECIPE_WUI level you stor datan (proepties) which are related to "Recipe" which are different to oher data as needed ot be stored on recipe level)

    This would be my assumption:

    a.) You can define a WWI layout/gerenationvairant to be used on "Recipe" level

    b.) using the "recipe" specific report symbols you can create a "list" of materials/Specs (which are input) and thos whcih are output. Based on SAP online help: you can really collect lot of data from "Recipe" object (costs etc.)

    This is "nearly" the same like in classical "EHS" (composition). You can e.g. print names identifiers, amounts in WWI related to a "component"

    => can you confirm this?

    c.) This is my next assumption: by some report symbol one can get a "link" between the "major" out put spec and the "RECIPE_WUI" spec. Uisng this link to get retrieve data from RECIPE_WUI and print it. => but what type of report symbol is used here?

    E.g. on RECIPE_WUI level you could store something like. odor, form,,, what so ever and print it

    In classic EHS the story is as: you have a "component" (as part of composition) and you can read data from component and print it

    The recipe story seems to be "slightly" more complex as the data is not directly stored on output spec but on "property spec"

    Up to now I was not able to find any document or information using "google" with details on this concept. And Even the very goood docments (i mentioned) do not help

    But first: can you confirm my understanding of WWI and teh use of WIin "reciep development"?



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    • Former Member

      Hello Christoph,

      There was a bug in the function call to 'C125_VALUE_TABLE_GENERATE'.

      We were able to correct this and send the information to SAP.

      Thanks for your help.