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Nov 07, 2007 at 01:38 PM

A quick question


I have a secnario where I have a

receive1 - <loop> - send1 - receive2 - <endloop> - send2 in BPM.

Now I also have a deadline branch which specifies if the loop is still going after 24 hours then cancel the process.

Now my issue is that once this process has been cancelled a message that was relevant for that process in step receive2 could then be received.

However as the process has now met its deadline this message is no longer relevant and can be discarded.

My problem is that the message is not discarded and instead gets stuck in a queue causing a SYSFAIL error and hence this then blocks the entire queue not allowing new process instances to be started.

My question is how can I either configure somewhere which says if a message is received but does not have a relevant process instance to join then cancel the message (but DONT put into the process queue)

or is there a job that can be scheduled to clear the queue of error status messages every 5 secs for example.

By the way it is the inbound queue that is getting blocked (smq2)

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