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Nov 07, 2007 at 12:20 PM

delivery process steps


Hi all,

I have question marks on some points here.

this is a process

Processes Flow of Delivery in SAP

Check the order and material to make sure the outbound delivery is possible (for example it checks for delivery blocks or incompleteness)

Determines the delivery quantity of an item and checks the availability of the material

Calculates the weight and volume of the delivery

Calculates work expenditure (what is this?)

Packs the outbound delivery according to the reference order

Redetermines the route (why is this done now?)

Adds information relevant for export

Checks delivery scheduling and changes deadlines (if necessary) (can we have multiple schedule lines if dates aren’t met?)

Assigns a picking location

Carries out batch determination (if material is to be handled in batches)

Creates an inspection lot if the material must pass a quality check

Updates sales order data and changes order status